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 DKP system

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PostSubject: DKP system   Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:07 pm

We made a DKP system from scratch and so far it seems to provide a safe and fair way to distribute loot. Any issues regarding the DKP system contact one of our officers or even the guild master himself. The actual numbers are distributed via the section provided on the forums. Highest DKP wins over the others.

Loot council is put into effect in rare situations, were officers collaborate and decide majority rules.


Earning DKP

DKP is Awarded in amounts equal to half of normal DKP during a 10 man raid. Likewise the items awarded are also cut in half, rounded down.

1. 2DKP is given for showing up on time
2. 2DKP for being present at the end of the raid.
3. 1DKP for every hour spent raiding.
3. 2DKP is granted for kills.
4. 6DKP is distributed for guild first kills.
6. -10DKP is subtracted for players who sign up for a raid and do not show up for a raid. This includes exceptions, you must contact an officer if you cannot make a raid by the forums or an in-game mail.

Item Costs

1. 20DKP for 2 handed weapons.
2. 18DKP for 1 handers+off handers.
3. 16DKP for necklaces/trinkets/rings/cloaks
4. 20DKP for set pieces.
5. 8DKP for relics.
6. 16DKP for any other items.

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DKP system
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